Kweku Kwegyir-Aggrey

Computer Science PhD Student

About Me
I am a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science at Brown University in the Encrypted Systems Lab where I study bias, audits, and verifiability in machine learning under the advise of Prof. Seny Kamara. I also work closely with Prof. Sarah M. Brown at the University of Rhode Island. Previously, I was an undergrad at the University of Maryland in College Park, where I worked with Prof. John Dickerson.

My work mostly falls at the intersection of machine learning and theory. I am interested in questions which examine and critque data-driven technological solutionism: when does it make sense to use machine learning, and when can the technology do harm?

Lately my research has been focused on understanding the efficacy of machine learning in achieving fair and equitable outcomes for underrepresented and marginalized groups. With the use of Optimal Transport, I am working to develop better measurements of equity and fairness, as well as better algorithms for the detection of bias.

Workshops (Peer Reviewed)


In my free time, I also like to play and study music. Recently, I was featured in a work entitled "Pass Me Not" - a segment focusing on examining the African Diaspora through song and dance as a part of Brown Art's Iniative ongoing series entitled "Remaking the Real." You can also catch me playing jazz in and around the Providence area.